Connect with High-Definition Audio + Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing with high definition video and audio I love HD audio and video conferencing so much… maybe it has something to do with how far we’ve come with our technology. Video conferencing is a great way to remove the distance barrier and allow for the collaboration and fostering of efficient teamwork. Easy to use […]

What Exactly Is Hosted PBX?

What Exactly Is Hosted PBX?

What Exactly is Hosted PBX? As the years go by, we get ever more technology options. Thirty years ago, most people still relied on traditional land phone lines. These days, there’s cell phones, satellites, VoIP, WebRTC, and more. One increasingly popular option is a Hosted Private Branch Exchange. This system operates similarly to a traditional […]

The Benefits of a Toll-Free Number

Benefits of a Toll-Free Number

How Having a Toll-Free Number is Good For Your Business If you’ve ever called a major company or organization to put in a customer service request or place an order, you probably dialed a “toll-free” number. This means you weren’t charged for the call and instead the company picked up the tab. Although just about […]